Technopet Manifesto

When we started Technopet in 1999, our main motive was to benefit from the growing demand for PET products in India. India was already on path of becoming an economic power with a prospering middle class whose purchasing power saw significant increase over years. With expertise and business skills of the founding team, Technopet soon established itself as a rising star with impressive technology and network of associates and clients. We were happy!

However, we soon realized that the meaing of what we were doing goes beyond just making profits. Over the years, we have come across scores of young individuals who hailed from remote rural areas with essentially nothing but their dreams of success. Helping them with setting up their manufacturing units, we realised the transformative work we can do through our technology and offerings. Our association with such entrepreneurs then went beyond supplying them with machines. We assumed a role of friend, philosopher, and guide for them. We offered them our technological, process, and commercial expertise. What we had in mind was success of these individuals. And, succeed they did!

We soon formalized this offering and launched initiatives like Technopet Business Support Center and Technopet Entrepreneurship Development Ceneter where we help entrepreneurs and clients in their ventures. As an organization, we believe in moving beyond relationships which are based on transactions to establishing relationships which are based on mutual trust and value. Here are some of the aspects which we deeply believe in:


Technopet relationships with its clients are no longer based on product sales, but on deep, long-term partnerships built around our knowledge of each client’s business
and the market environment. We still sell PET machines, services and solutions, but all with the goal of helping our clients succeed, however they measure success. We
are passionate about building these relationships because all of us, no matter where we work, have a role to play in our client’s success.


Technopet has the personal commitment to each customer and to build and preserve trust. This goes beyond honesty; it means going above and beyond what other parties
expect, in order to help them achieve success.. There are many redesign programs, re-examine policies. This has already led to changes throughout the company, at every
level. Today that determination stands stronger and more clearly defined than ever. The people at Technopet have committed themselves to a philosophy of Excellence
and Continuous Improvement. Nothing less is acceptable, nothing less will do. Moreover, at Technopet Machineries, we understand that trust must be earned and cannot
be bought.


Technopet understands the importance of partnership that exists between our customers and ourselves. It is the customer who ultimately decides the fate of any enterprise. Our Staff are encouraged to build a close formal working relationship with our customers, enabling us to better understand their ideals and goals, and follow these up with business processes catering for each individual client. We’re continually looking for ways to help our clients realize greater value, lower costs, and greater efficiencies. By understanding each client’s vision and strategy, we leverage our broad and deep PET Blowing Machine Manufacturing expertise and our vast array of services to help them in ever-expanding ways.