Since PET material has poor conductivity, for fastest heating of preform, Infra-red (IR) rays is the only available source. Due to the higher heating density of IR lamp, outer surface of preform has 1 to 5 degree celcius higher temperature than inside surface. The temperature difference is the function of preform wall thickness. To get perfect bi-orientation rather inside wall temperature should be more than outside.

To eliminate this limitation of IR method and overheating phenomenon, some machine designer recommends to send force air on preform surface for preventing overheating in IR oven. The flow of force air and temperature is critical and need to be adjusted by operator depend on working condition. For consistency this method requires higher grade of engineering and controls system.

Technopet has devised simple and economical system to overcome this problem. The root cause of this problem is the continuous heating system. Batch type heating of preform oven design is the solution to uniformly heat the lower conductivity PET material in lesser time. The figure elaborates the heating process.

Technopet PET Blowing Machine Innovations

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