In order to accelerate our customers on a path of success, we also offer our customers all kinds of technical, design, as well as business support as and when required. This ensures that the customers get a good a return on their investment in Technopet technologies. We have a dedicated team of techno-commercial professionals who extend their expertise to our customers.

Technopet offers its customers support for design, business, sales, execution and post installation activities for various projects like Mineral Water Plan, Soft Drinks and Juices Plants, Liquor Plant etc.

Looking for after-sales support?

Our service capabilities mean we can help your business anywhere opportunities lead. We understand local regulations all over the world, giving us the ability to serve both local businesses and large multi-nationals. And our global capabilities mean we can solve any complex problem. In short, we provide hundred of clients with the greatest depth, breadth, and experience of PET Machine manufacturing. Since Technopet inception nearly a decade ago, our company has been grounded in strongly held principles. As a company that strives to be a trusted partner for customers a reliable long-term investment, a progressive PET machines developer and a responsible corporate citizen.

With technical supports of specialist and consultants Technopet brings incomparable know how and process expertise in the area of PET container blowing technology.

What We Offer?

 PET Blowing Process know-how

 Packaging technology

 Preform design

 Bottle design


We provide complete support for packaged drinking water projects. The support involves activities like bottle design, business planning, sales planning, execution and post installation.

What We Offer?

 Introduction of Package Drinking  Water  (PDW) business

 Types of PDW

 Basic need of project

 Basic water packing Process flow

 Capacity of plant

 Basic water packing Process flow

 Skill requirement


 Viability analysis  for security of investment


We provide complete support for soft drinks and juice projects. The support involves activities like bottle design and filling temperature, business planning, sales planning, execution and post installation.

What We Offer?

Introduction of business insights

  Types of plant and functioning

Basic need of project

Basic packing Process flow

Capacity of plant with production planning

Skill requirement


Viability analysis  for security of investment

Dedicated support staff comprising engineers and technicians

Extra emphasis on speedy response

Perpetual access to technical support

Initial hand-holding for bottle blowing and quality management

Troubleshooting support for bottle blowing and machine operation

Coordination for customer complaint and bottle test support

  Support for machine audit, spares management, and replacements

  Additional support for design of bottles, selection of preform, inspection of mold etc.