Business Philosophy

The Way We Operate

Technopet Machineries has a proven track record of growing success. The experience, skills and dedication of its management and staff is evident in the consistent growth Technopet has achieved since inception. Technopet Machineries intends to continue to march on this path of growth and success for its customers. The Technopet Machineries team firmly believes in offering better value, a competitive product line, together with consistent delivery of quality and friendly service. We believe that the growth we have achieved has emanated from the three-pronged strategy that undercuts every aspect of our business


Needs of the customer are paramount for Technopet team. We have put a very strong emphasis on offering greatest value to our customers. We achieve this by optimizing cost while continuously improving the quality of products we offer. We also believe that we not only cater to the demands of our customers but also act as their friend, philosopher and guide. It is out of this belief that we have started an initiative ‘Technopet Business Support Center’ wherein we proactively provide business and process support to our customers. Most of our customers have benefitted from strong techno-commercial expertise of Technopet team through this initiative.


‘World cost products at cheapest possible rates’ is out product vision. In pursuing this vision, we have made significant investments in research, development, and design innovation. Our machines are renowned for their flexibility, reliability and ease of operations.


Technopet is part of a thriving ecosystem of PET industry in India. Recognizing that we have launched an initiative ‘Technopet Gold Consultants Network’ where Technopet empowers industry consultants who provide services to their clients in India.

We Shall Strive to Design, Manufacture, Deliver and Service our Products to Continuous Improvement In Customer Satisfaction and Quality Leadership With Active Involvement of Employees, Suppliers and Sub-Contractors.