The team at Technopet has over 16 years of experience of in-house designing and manufacturing high quality PET Blowing machines. We have developed several new models of PET blowing machines. We utilize the combined knowledge of all our people, especially in-house services for energy management, pre-sales services and operations. Our achievement has been recognized repeatedly over the years by various franchisers.



Earned Bachelor of Engineering (Metallurgy) from esteemed Government College Of Engineering,
Pune, and MBA from Mumbai university.

He started career as R&D engineer, and rose to becoming G.M. Foundry, in Mukand Steel Ltd. Later, he consulted many steel foundries of UEA, Mitsubishi Babcock Glasgow, TCS India, Japanese Overseas Development Corporation, and many SSI foundry industries in India. He has presented many technical papers in various national and international seminars e.g. ‘Fact and Fallacy of PET Blowing’, ‘Why PET Stretch’, ‘Heating Concept: 20 Liter Jar Blowing’, and ‘SQC in PET Blowing’.

He has designed and developed 20 ml to 20 Liter PET container blowing machine.

He is also actively involved in several social and community initiatives. He is Chairman of Digamber Jain Seva Sansthan where his focus is on mobiilzing youth while inculcating religious values in them. He is also actively involved with many not-for-profit organizations which work for pre birth adoption, Ahimsa Campaign, Gorakshan Movements etc.

He has also won several awards for his professional and social work.


Earned Bachelor of Engineering from Amaravati University in 1988.

Before co-founding Technopet, he was founder-partner of NationalPET.

He has 17 years experience of working in PET industry. In this long and illustrious career, he has handled many responsibilities and functions. His special area of interest is marketing and business development. In that role, he has in-depth knowledge and experience of working across length and breadth of India.

In association with MITCON, he has conducted several training programs for aspiring entrepreneurs in several cities in Maharashtra. He also actively contributes to development of Mineral Water Manufacturers Associations in several states of India like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat.

He is also actively associated with several social and community activities.