Critical Importance of Bottle in Packaged Drinking Water Business

Owing to an increase in the disposable income and in health awareness, the packaged drinking water industry in India is seeing an explosive growth. The sector presents enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs over next 15-20 years. To help aspiring entrepreneurs, Technopet Research Team has put together a short guide which helps new entrants understand intricacies of this business and ensure success. You can also contact us for your further queries, and to know how Technopet can help you. Your feedback and suggestions are also welcome!

Why Packaged Drinking Water Business Is So Attractive?

Top Business Challenges

Ingredients of Success in Packaged Drinking Water Business!

The Cost Puzzle: How To Achieve Lowest Cost Per Bottle?

Water Bottle Cost: The Path to Cost Reduction

 Bottle Design: Why You Will Definitely Fail With a Bottle With Poor Design Aspects?

 Bottle Design: Basic Parameters of Design

 Bottle Design: What Technopet Offers?

 Bottle Quality: Quality Parameters and Significance of PET Blowing Machine

PDW PET Bottle Image

Best Design, Least Cost, Highest Quality!