Year Technology
1997 Semi automatic 2 cavity blowing machine with linear heater
2000 Semi automatic 2 cavity with rotary heating system for wide mouth jar and CSD bottle
2002 Semi automatic 4 cavity with rotary heating system with 360 degree neck cooling system
2004 Design automatic bottle ejection system with 500 bottle per cavity for water and CSD filling.
2005 Heat set, hot fill technology developed with three piece blow mold design system.
2006 Fully automatic machine for hot fill and amber color pharmaceutical bottle
2007 20 liter jar blowing machine developed with automatic ejection system
2008 Integrated handle jar blowing machine developed for DHARA
2009 Preferential heating technique for cosmetic product and non symmetrical bottle for liquor
2010 On line bottle feeding machine for CSD/ beer bottle with bottle exhaust air-reclamation system
2011 Light weight bottle blowing system for 17.5 gram one ltr water bottle
2012 Servo control system introduced in all types of machine for heating, preform transferring and sorting
2013 World compact footprint and lowest power consumption per bottle blown fully automatic machine developed