Easy and simple to operate the machine by low skill operator.
Operator independence.
Consistent bottle quality with sparkling clarity and strength.
User friendly. Operator comfort.
Defined and guaranteed bottle output per hour.
Need fewer inventories of preform holders and spares.
Lower wastage of preform in case of sudden power off.
Better operational efficiency at cost reduction
Less connected load for plant.
50% heating power saving per bottle blown in compare to linear type continuous heating oven
No power wastage.
Improved machine efficiency.
Perfect capping of every bottle without leakage.
No neck deformation after blowing.
Neck support ring is always perpendicular to blown bottle axis. Improved efficiency of bottle filling machine
Ensures the 100% perfect capping of bottle in automatic filling machine line.
Zero % rejection due wrong capping of packed mineral bottle.
Uniform thickness distribution within the bottle from top to bottom.
Reduction in lamp’s percentage setting.
Reduce the heating power consumption
Reduction in heating time of preform.
Increase in the production of bottle/hr
Consistent production of bottle per hr for every hour, every shift, every day and by any operator.
No seam or parting line on bottle.
Perfect formation of bottle base and eliminate the risk of bottle falling.
No need for 100% bottle inspection.
Reduce air requirement need and power cost.
Lower blowing time and improved production of bottle per hour. Reduced man power need
Wider range of bottle blown in one machine. So universal machine design. 20 ml to 20 ltr as per model specification
Any shape and size of bottles have blown like tubular, round, oval, rectangular, kidney shape, flat, spherical, trapezoidal, convex type, dumbbell, conical or any fancy shape like meaky- mouse etc.
Any PET packaging application used for the industry like pharma, water, Carbonated drinks, Energy drinks, soft drinks, bulk water, Liquor, beer, Cosmetic, Juices, confectionary and food, sweets, grain, edible oil, perfume and scent, milk, toys, household jars, fridge bottle, sauces, Paint and all that can be packed in Glass, Tin, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PC and tetra pack.

And Counting….!

Reduction of Power bill per month
Ease for operator for quick changeover.
Improved overall machine efficiency.
Reduces machine down time
Flexible bottle production planning
Reduce bottle inventory in plant.
Lesser product development time.
Less development cost
Confidences of blow in first go.
Fewer mould inventory
Best quality product with consistency
Ready for accepting any challenges.
Technology selection & absorption support
Product benchmarking & quality improvement support
Process technology optimisation & up-gradation support
Cost optimization support
Trouble-shooting support
Wider range of bottle blowing capacity reduces the capital investment cost.
No business constrain if have to supply the bottles from his mould.
Test mould trial can be planned
Head on business strategy.
Adding innovations.
Strong belief on capability and support.
Inclination to business extension.
Confidence of blowing any PET product.
Low need of auxiliary equipment.
Low power consumption.
Few breakdown
Less maintenance
Produces one litre bottle by using 17.5 gram instead of 20.5 gram preform weight at same physical strength.
Saving of Rs 4 per box (box=12 bottles)
Very competitive businessmen.
No dependency on operator sincerity.
Smooth machine operation less breakdowns
Improved part life.
Long lasting accuracy in precision parts.
Reduce need of compressor
Low project capital investment.
Application base of filling like still filling, cold filling, warm filling and hot filling or combo filling for all types of processed liquids.